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CICADA8 is a centralized external perimeter vulnerability management service with expert support and real-time cyber threat monitoring capability

Why it matters


million rubles/year

Average cost of maintaining a vulnerability management team



Median lifetime of an outer perimeter vulnerability in infrastructure



Average time taken to sign a contract and start a penetration testing project



Increase in attacks on company infrastructure in 2022 compared to 2021


Using multiple scanners and tools
Verification of vulnerabilities and risks by a team of experts
Constantly updated threat database
Continuous scanning of the external perimeter
Up to date information on vulnerabilities
  • Managing source code leaks and phishing resources

    Tracking services of cyber pandemics that threaten the company's external perimeter


  • Inventory of external IT assets

    DNS names, IP addresses, ports, service names and groups

  • Early leaks detection

    DarkNet, specialized resources and channels monitoring

  • Process-as-a-service

    A turnkey business process for vulnerability lifecycle management, including remediation plans and monitoring of execution

  • Detection of phishing sites

  • Vulnerability remediation monitoring


Penetration Testing

Determining potential vectors of IT-infrastructure attacks 

Web AppSec

Comprehensive analysis of web application security

Phishing Penetration Testing

Improving employees' cyber literacy through social engineering methods

Compromise Assessment

Detection of malicious activities, malware operations, and other signs of compromise within the IT infrastructure, both historical and current

Incident Response

Immediate response to a cybersecurity incident, its containment and investigation, followed by recommendations on how to avoid similar incidents in the future

Red Teaming
Cyber attack simulation for evaluating the effectiveness of cybersecurity services in detecting and responding to attacks
Purple Teaming

Assessment of real cyber security level and enhancing organization's ability to detect attacks

Cyber resilience analysis
Expert analysis of cyber resilience as an assessment of the adequacy of measures taken by the company to prevent significant losses resulting from trending non-targeted attacks on IT infrastructure and assessment of the company’s susceptibility to specific and targeted attacks based on typical risk factors
Building and documenting IS processes

Building IS processes from scratch, enhancing the effectiveness of existing IS processes, developing user-friendly documentation on IS processes, having the ability to use the service to implement an effective process for responding to incidents detected by SOC, as well as the remediation of vulnerabilities detected by CICADA8

Consulting support for a broad range of tasks
  • Consulting support for recommendations being implemented by the customer and changes to IS processes, including the revision of IS documentation to keep it up-to-date (thereby eliminating the significant labor costs entailed in developing a separate document)
  • Consulting support for the maturity transition process, including an analysis of challenges and unexpected situations faced by the customer, notification of best practices and the proposal of solutions, etc.


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