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Intelligent access control system based on multi-factor authentication technologies


Multi-factor authentication technologies make it possible to unambiguously determine a person’s identity
Cell phone as an identification tool
Web interface with Predator Vision (friend or foe
Web interface with the ability to analyze occupant load density


  • An alternative to biometric ACSs

    The cell phone is used as a unique identifier. The solution provides seamless access to premises without the need for processing biometrics

  • An alternative to conventional ACSs

    There’s no need to hold the smartphone up to the reader – having it in your pocket is enough. A pass can be forgotten at home or handed to an unauthorized person, but your phone is always with you

  • Efficient utilization of workspaces

    Monitoring workspace utilization rate and providing analytics with recommendations

  • Evacuation control during emergencies

    Real-time broadcast of people’s movements 

  • Control of relationships and contacts

    Monitoring of possible economic security risks

  • Capturing insights based on movement data

    Analysis of user cohort behavioral patterns: hotspots, heat maps


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