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Membrana Kids

Safe digital environment service for kids

Keeping parents calm

Protection from strangers and scammers
Blocking ads and trackers
Helping to plan time on the Internet
Hiding adult content on the Internet


One app

One app

Only you have the app and you can set the necessary security settings. Your child doesn’t need to download the app

Web filtering on any network

Web filtering on any network

Works on the child’s device on any operator’s network and over Wi-Fi

Protects up to 5 devices

Protects up to 5 devices

Membrana Kids can be used on multiple devices simultaneously: tablets, smartphones, computers

No battery drain

No battery drain

You don’t have to download the app on your child’s device, so the service does not affect battery consumption


  • Safe Internet

    We will select age-appropriate content settings. You can turn on smart filtration or select categories yourself

  • No advertisements or tracking

    Blocking all popular (and not so popular) sources of advertising and tracking algorithms on the Internet

  • Calls from friends and family members only

    Only you can choose who can call your child. Calls form unknown numbers will be blocked

  • Balancing time spent on-line

    You decide when the Internet is available and when it’s not: for example, the Internet will be disabled when your child is sleeping or studying

  • Statistics of visited resources

    The app will show you the top websites accessed by your child each week. It will help you keep up with your child’s interests. You will also see which websites we have blocked


  • Arseniy Epov, Membrana Kids Product owner

    «Our goal is to find a balance to ensure that when using our app, parents understand that their children are safe, and children understand that they have the freedom to make their own decisions».

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