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Altego Personal Assistant

Personal digital twin on the artificial intelligence basis. For all occasions and for any online communication channels


  • Personal artificial intelligence

    Personal digital assistant acting for your benefit

  • Virtual clone

    Digital twin speaks and writes like you and can replace you in any online communication channel

  • Routine assistant

    Personal assistant will perform all your routine work: it will make an appointment at a car service center, answer emails, view mailings, take part in an online conference and write down theses

  • Professional translator

    Digital twin speaks your voice in any language and helps overcome the language barrier

  • Kind adviser

    Personal assistant bears in mind your interests and preferences in order to give you advice or suggest a new idea when necessary


It consults your interests and helps solve personal problems

It is mindful and remembers everything that is difficult for you to keep in mind

It protects confidentiality of your data via a cryptographic key

It runs on its own language model


  • Personal digital assistant for all occasions

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